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Welcome To Brownsville Anash

"Embrace the warmth of belonging."

Welcome to our close-knit Chassidishe community, founded in 5778. Embracing warmth and unity, we extend an open invitation to all seeking a warm and welcoming home. Join us as we celebrate tradition and spirituality, fostering meaningful connections that last a lifetime. Together, let's journey towards a brighter, harmonious future.

Our Events

Community Activities for All

Weekly Likkutei Sichos Shiur

Craving Torah + sushi? Join the Likkutei Sichos Shiur! Dive into weekly parsha insights, then savor sushi & seltzer with friendly faces. Learn, connect, grow—mind, soul, & appetite!


Women Shiurim

Seeking sisterhood, soul, and some serious fun? Join our vibrant bi-weekly women's events!

Dive deep into inspiring Farbreng discussions, forge connections with your fellow community queens, and share unforgettable experiences.

Laughter, learning, and a warm sense of belonging await. Come raise your spirits and embrace the joy of sisterhood!

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Kids Programs

Join us for the excitement at our children's events! Experience the joy of our weekly Shabbos Kids program, Mesibas Shabbos celebrations, and lively Lag Beomer Parades. Watch your kids light up with Simchas Beis Hasuevah dancing, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Don't miss out on the fun-filled moments waiting for you and your family!

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Weekly Shabbos Morning Chassidus Shiur

Start your Shabbos with spiritual sweetness!

Join us for a deep dive into the Rebbe's Maamar alongside your fellow community members. Dive into captivating insights, spark engaging discussions, and let wisdom warm your soul. Then, enjoy coffee and cheesecake as the Rebbe's teachings linger in the air.

It's a Shabbos morning tradition unlike any other.

Come experience the intellectual nourishment and delightful treats that await. This Shabbos, makes your day truly meaningful.

Shabbos Davening Times:

Kabolas Shabbos: at nightfall.

Chassidus: 8:45 am.

Shachris: 10 am.
Followed by a Kiddush

Mincha: 15 min before sundown


709 Thomas S Boyland St.
Brooklyn, NY 11212

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